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B.O.S.S Dynasty Elegant Curl Bundle 1B/2R
B.O.S.S Dynasty Elegant Curl Bundle 1B/2R

B.O.S.S Dynasty Elegant Curl Bundle 1B/2R

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 Our B.O.S.S Dynasty Collection hair extensions are perfect if your not planing on coloring or bleaching your hair!! These extensions come in 2 colors 1B (Black) and 2R (auburn brown) and weigh about 5-10 grams more on average. This hair has all the same amazing qualities as the raw temple hair with added thickness near the ends and exclusively rare quality. These donors, unlike the ones in the North, used coconut oils and covered their hair as part of daily routine, ensuring minimal damage to the cuticles. This hair CANNOT be colored and bleached.

 In these exclusive and remote temples, we learned that our hair will come only from donors in regions of India that have never exposed their cuticles to harsh chemicals, coloring agents, and/or damaging styling methods.

With these and other personal connections forged in India, we offer top quality temple hair with authenticity and beauty that are unmatched. This hair has a unique soft silky feel and a pleasing natural smell. The hair is uniformly thick at the bottoms of the bundles providing a full and beautiful look. In combination with the hair, our technologically advanced double machine weft methods ensure tight tangle free wearing of your beautiful extensions that are sure to enhance your look and last you for years to come.

This hair is comparable to “10a” hair, which other companies use to grade their bundles.

This hair can be washed and conditioned as normal (we recommend all organic washes) and should be left to air-dry naturally.

This gorgeous hair is also very versatile. It can be permed, straightened; flat-ironed, curled and/or pressed in order to achieve the look you want. This hair only comes pre-colored black/auburn-brown 1B & 2R and cannot be colored , however the hair can be cut and/or styled in order to meet personal preferences.

We recommend a minimum of 2-3 bundles for a full sew-in on most.

 Just like all of our virgin hair, this beautiful, authentic temple hair

  • 100% non-processed single drawn raw virgin hair sourced directly from the temples in India.
  • Will last you for YEARS with proper care!
  • 100% Raw Indian hair. Guaranteed no steam processing, and never mixed with synthetic or animal hair!
  • Double machine wefted with careful attention.
  • All cuticles are intact and aligned, which eliminates tangling.
  • Very minimal to no shedding.
  • Cut, curl or straighten. Treat it like real hair, because it is real hair!
  • Each bundle is 100 grams (3.5oz)
  • Each bundle is unique and has its own distinct natural curl pattern.
  • Perfect for sew-ins or making your own clip-ins.
  • Highest quality possible!